CM Group is a leading national research firm committed to providing research support, research analysis and policy framework. CM Group, which consists of leading researchers in the field have developed and implemented innovative research solutions. Our research group includes professionals from a wide range of research disciplines. Our experts have well documented historical research and document analysis experience.

CM Group provides a range of research disciplines:


Negotiation and implementation of specific claims,

comprehensive land claims,

self-government agreements,

and impact and benefits agreements,

Development and implementation of commercial joint ventures and business partnerships,

Taxation and investment advice,

Advice on establishing trusts and managing settlement funds,

Advice to financial institutions and bands on lending and security,

Management and resource development on Aboriginal lands,



Band membership and election codes,

Advice and assistance in strategic communications related to legal public policy Environmental law,

Litigation before all trial and appeal courts,

Residential / Day Schools,

Foster care,




CM Group can help you recover the events surrounding history. We can put in full historical context, underscoring how it was shaped by, and in turn influenced, larger currents of Canadian history and, most importantly, how the challenges of the past are relevant to today's demands.


Our group is emerging as a must component to many law firms, government departments, and private sector corporations. Many Canadian organizations are recognizing outside legal research firms as powerful tools that help build strong expertise. We have experience gathering evidence from primary and secondary resources, educational and privately funded libraries and archives. CM Group researchers are experts at using the federal records systems maintained by various agencies. We are also adept at using the Freedom of Information Act, and similar provincial ATIP, to obtain previously unavailable documents.